Life By Design Virtual Summit
"I hired Tallia to speak immediately after our keynote, Deepak Chopra. I asked her to help guide our audience of 7,000+ to understand how to overcome fear and into what they truly desire. The feedback about her talk was phenomenal and I'd bring her back for another summit in a heartbeat!"
- Darrah Brustein, Life By Design Summit Founder

Georgia Tech Women's Leadership Conference
"The Georgia Tech Women’s Leadership Conference could not be more grateful to Tallia for speaking at our conference. Our attendees overwhelmingly reported feeling incredibly empowered after attending her talk, as the content she shared could not have be more relevant to our audience, highlighting the ability to achieve success without having to compromise one’s independence."
- Neeki Mehmarzadeh, Conference Co-chair

Women in Construction, Engineering and Related Services Conference
“Tallia Deljou delivers very passionate, energetic sessions that help women identify tools to be more effective and successful long-term.”
Daphne B. Jackson | Principal, GovLink Inc.

Women’s Leadership Development Network WithIt Conference
“Our conference attendees loved Tallia Deljou’s talk. Her message about changing personal attitudes and narratives resonated with the audience and gave them permission to feel valuable. Tallia was easy to work with and provided our members with good take aways. We will definitely consider having her back!”
- Amy Van Drop | Executive Director, WithIt

“I used to believe my success would only be attainable by forcing myself into someone else's idea of what that looked like. Tallia’s multifaceted and relevant expertise helped me define success on my own terms. Now more than ever, I trust my vision.”
- Brittany Tims | President, Women’s Resource Group

General Assembly
“Tallia is in high demand. Whenever she presents, attendees find the material valuable and engaging, but just as important, they leave with tangible practices to implement and build on as they continue their journey, whether it be on a professional or personal level.”
- Laura Fanjoy | Events Producer, General Assembly

Women's Entrepreneurship Initiative
“Tallia’s unique ability to tap into often vulnerable and unchartered conversational space for women – money, worth and happiness – creates  invaluable impact for her audience. Her style is prescriptive, yet creative, as she gracefully guides her audience through strategies for achieving success.  Best of all, she make the experience enjoyable!”
Theia Washington Smith | Founding Executive Director, WEI

Dental Office Manager Association Quarterly Luncheon
“Tallia provides cutting edge information which can be applied immediately, and her ability to connect with her audience is truly amazing. We definitely look forward to having her back!”
- Liz Galazka | President, DOMA