Katie Sewell Mallett

I loved my time working with Tallia as my coach. She was a great listener and really empathetic, which I totally appreciated. I felt like she really helped me make sense of past work history (it felt random to me at the time), and she also helped me craft language around what I wanted to be doing. She was able to see things in me that I didn't actually see, and she pushed me to be vulnerable and ask for what I needed, which is usually hard for me.

Tallia is one of the reasons I launched my business when I did and she was really encouraging throughout our time. I never even thought I wanted to start my own business until after our coaching was over, but I really think my time with her helped bring that out of me to be honest. I'd definitely recommend Tallia to you and think it's such a good investment in yourself and your future.


Moira Gallagher

I cannot say enough great things about Tallia. I had been listening to the podcast for a while and loved the content. When I learned about her coaching program, I figured I had nothing to lose. Enter Tallia. She guided me through the coaching process, and I found the work enlightening and impactful. She not only helped me identify the practical steps to address my work situation, but also made me take a hard, honest look at myself. Even though that work was tough, Tallia was so graceful and non-judgmental, which was much needed in moments when I was struggling to be kind to myself. Her reflective observations to my responses helped me to dig deeper and get the most out of the program. She really helped me to see that success and happiness at work cannot be separated from self and that it is possible to achieve both.

Tallia was incredibly responsive and each session with her truly felt like progress forward, not just rehashing what we had talked about before. Over a year out from that experience, I revisit the content and my notes from my conversations with Tallia regularly. Finances were pretty tight when I first looked into coaching; it felt like a real luxury. It was, without a doubt, the best money I ever spent on myself.

Coaching with Tallia will be an amazing and invaluable experience. Enjoy and good luck!


Katie Johnston

Her coaching program was one of the best investments I could have made at a perfect time in my life, and I still feel the value of that time to this day, almost two years later.

I first came to Tallia as a coach while I was transitioning between jobs (making the switch into consulting from my healthcare IT systems job) that was also happening during a tough transition time in my personal life. The coaching I received was personalized yet structured -- she has a program in mind but then also brought in the resources that answered what I needed, which seemed to me like additions to the program. She also sends out recaps of our conversations so that I know I don't have to take detailed notes and I can be present in the hour that I have with her. She's flexible and understanding in scheduling, which was key for my travel schedule.

Additionally, Tallia's focus on the self-coaching model is the cornerstone of what has made this program as valuable. Tallia and I used the time we had together to go over a few examples of when to use the self-coaching models to keep my mindset clear, and then she sent me the worksheets and information for me to do myself. She wants her clients to be able to use these life-long skills effectively on our own time, whenever we need it. I have these materials printed out and posted near my desk currently.

From a financial perspective, the investment I made during this time has paid off in dividends; she not only helped me think about the job offering and salary negotiations, she also helped me think about what my goals were in the new job and then also what in my mindset could possibly holding me back from the promotions that I was aiming for. I have been working my consulting job for a year and a half now, and this work that I did with her truly set me up for a huge promotion. Then, after the program officially ended, I also reconnected with her to help me negotiate that promotion, and as a result, I asked for and received a $30K raise this March without even a tremble in my voice. Tallia had my back in every way and truly trained me to connect to what I know as the truth and how to ask for what I was worth.

Tallia also helped me think more about my identity outside of my day job and what I want to do to supplement my work -- why do I have this feeling of a void in my job, and how can I fill that void without losing my sanity or putting pressure on it? This component has led me to make more investments in my presence, my mindful habits, and how to push myself gently and sustainably toward all of my goals, even outside of my professional identity. For that, she also opened up connections for me from within her own circle to help me meet my goals, which has been an incredible opportunity.

In general, my time with Tallia helped me reconnect to my own self in a time of great turmoil, and I know that I have a timeless resource behind me no matter where I go next. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Camille Oakes

Tallia’s time with me was some of the most valuable I have ever had. Every time I thought that I did now know what I was doing or what my product was or whether I had the skills or experience, I had a session with her and the fire was reignited. She made me believe in myself. She also brought me back to that the point of this whole thing was to build the life I wanted and make my work and money fit into that. I’m a mom of a 2 year old and I didn’t want a cookie cutter “fix” to what the life of an entrepreneur had to be. Each session, we talked through whatever the session topic was “Who Am I?” and “What Stories do I have to Tell?” and she helped me sound it all out. It was literally like career therapy. I call her my soul guide. I would love to continue checking in with her now and again in her new venture but I also feel adequately prepared if I choose not to. The best thing she did was send a survey to people I selected and collected their feedback about me. She then put each of them together into feedback cards which I printed out and stuck around my office. Whenever I get discouraged with myself, I come back to them and it keeps me going.

I did make the jump on my own as of June 1 and it is definitely a great decision. The last time we spoke I was lamenting, “what if I fail? What if it doesn’t work?” and she told me- “But Camille, what if it does?” and I still get goosebumps whenever I think about it.

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Marilyn Loubier

She is SO AWESOME! I cannot stress to you enough how much she helped me. Tallia was recommended to me by a friend of a friend at a time when I was really unhappy with my job and was considering (but confused) about whether or not I wanted to move back home.

Tallia is not like other coaches. She’s better. When interviewing other coaches, I found that they were only willing to chat with me at scheduled times and had a set number of emails that they would respond to “for free” between each session. Tallia was more of an “all inclusive” option and was willing to talk to me however many times I needed, on a schedule that worked for both of us, via phone, text, and email.

She really helped me become centered and figure out what I wanted in my career, educated me on best practices for finding opportunities, proofread any application material I needed at any time via email, and was with me throughout my entire recruiting process from resume and cover letter, to interviewing, to salary negotiations. I truly felt like I had a partner in transitioning to my next job and am so thankful that I found her.

In the end and after working with her for 3 months, I received 3 jobs offers within a 48 hour period in California, a $19,000 pay increase in comparison to my last role, and am SO happy at my new job (I’m 8 weeks in:)). Tallia is THE BEST, so cool, so smart, and totally a girls gal. Could not recommend her more.


Casey Prohaska

When I found Tallia, I was listless, disengaged, and feeling desperately unfulfilled both professionally and personally. I deeply desired to change my life but had no idea where to start. I was skeptical on how much coaching could really help but felt like I had to give it a try because all of my other halfhearted efforts to seek fulfillment had fallen short. During the process of working with Tallia, I realized my frequent impulses to make changes were nothing but attempts at external band-aids to things that needed attention internally. The process has allowed me to wrestle with some ugly truths and emerge a more self-aware, content individual.

Because of Tallia I feel SO MUCH HAPPIER. I feel like I have finally pulled out of a nearly 7 year (!) slump and am hitting my stride. My transformation didn't require a new city or a new company or any radical changes. All that was required of me was to be brutally honest with myself and have an open mind. I can already tell that the coaching process will be an experience that serves as a defining moment for my life. I cannot recommend it enough if you are feeling disengaged, lacking direction, or discontent. This was an investment in myself that was 100% worth it.

And it still remains true! I worked with Tallia from October 2017-April 2018. It worked out that we had about 1 coaching session a month, and it was truly perfect because in those 6 months I changed jobs, got out of a long-term relationship, and moved. Big, big changes and coaching with Tallia helped me process those events and discern where I wanted my life to go. Just yesterday I found myself counseling a friend about a job decision using the exact tools I learned with Tallia. The benefits of coaching have been long lasting and transformative, and I have no doubt they will continue to be.

The only thing I will caution is that you get out of it what you put in. It’s certainly not a magical pill where one day you’ll wake up with everything changed. It takes times and a lot of thoughtful reflection in solitude, but it’s oh so worth it. The program I did ultimately “introduced” me to myself. I know and understand so much more about my underlying motivations, which helps me not only make sense of the decisions I’ve made in the past but helps me to frame future decisions like do I want this job that’s being offered and if yes/no then why. It extends to much more than “well, I like the short commute and the regular happy hours they offer”. It’s more like “in this role, I feel like I’m contributing to a bigger picture, which is important to me. I am consistently challenged and learning, which is also important to me, and in my last role there were no growth opportunities so I understand why I felt suffocated and this is something I need in my future roles.” I turned down a job offer earlier this year that without working with Tallia I probably would have taken not realizing it was not the right choice for me. Not only that, but the tools I learned extend to my personal life too. Seriously, it has paid dividends and I cannot recommend Tallia or her program enough!