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“When I found Tallia, I was listless, disengaged, and feeling desperately unfulfilled both professionally and personally. I deeply desired to change my life but had no idea where to start. I was skeptical on how much coaching could really help but felt like I had to give it a try because all of my other halfhearted efforts to seek fulfillment had fallen short. During the process of working with Tallia, I realized my frequent impulses to make changes were nothing but attempts at external band-aids to things that needed attention internally. The process has allowed me to wrestle with some ugly truths and emerge a more self-aware, content individual.

Because of Tallia I feel SO MUCH HAPPIER. I feel like I have finally pulled out of a nearly 7 year (!) slump and am hitting my stride. My transformation didn't require a new city or a new company or any radical changes. All that was required of me was to be brutally honest with myself and have an open mind. I can already tell that the coaching process will be an experience that serves as a defining moment for my life. I cannot recommend it enough if you are feeling disengaged, lacking direction, or discontent. This was an investment in myself that was 100% worth it.”

Casey P.


"Before working with Tallia, I had some major hangups on moving forward in my career. Through coaching, I learned so many necessary tools and ways of thinking that helped me gain the confidence to make the changes I wanted. I also learned financial strategies and gained the vision I needed by overcoming patterns of negative thinking. She was like my teammate and didn't let me talk myself out of what I wanted. I couldn't think small anymore, and I had to be really honest about my thoughts and how I was holding myself back. I’m now pursuing my real passion, running my outdoors retreat business, Lodged Out, full time!”

Bobbilee H.

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"After coaching with Tallia, I gained a new perspective and a confidence I didn't have before. When it came to my career and purpose, I felt lost. Working with Tallia allowed me to work through some limiting beliefs I had about myself and also refine my story. I gained a new perspective on what I have to offer and also affirmation that the direction I wanted to take my career was the right choice. I'm grateful for her guidance and honestly feel like I gained a new friend."