The pursuit of meaningful work

In this keynote, Tallia shares insights from positive psychology research that challenge mainstream definitions of success to help you align more fully with your strengths and pursue a path of meaning. Topics covered in this keynote range from positive emotions and work engagement to flourishing relationships and purpose.

moving with fear

This keynote explores one of the most critical relationships we’ll ever have in our lives: our relationship to fear. She shares powerful ways to shift the way we think about fear so you can start to move with fear instead of fight against it. Ultimately, by regaining control over the role fear plays in our lives, we can get back into the driver’s seat and navigate the way forward with clarity and confidence.

knowing your worth

This workshop-style session tackles the mental blocks and limiting beliefs we have around self-worth, focusing primarily on how we communicate our value and what we think we deserve financially. By recognizing all the ways in which we play too small, we can actively decide to change the way we perceive ourselves and start to ask for what we want, particularly when it comes to money and negotiation.

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