stumbling upon success

When we meet someone, we often jump to one question: What do you do?

This simple question perpetuates what Tim Ferris calls the epidemic of “job descriptions as self-descriptions.” In a society outwardly driven by prestige and external validation, it’s no surprise that we desperately cling to roles and titles for feelings of worthiness and a sense of identity. However, this leads us to defining ourselves so closely by things that are not only temporary, but also limiting in nature. When we rarely take the time to look into the mirror and ask ourselves who we are without the roles, titles, and identities we take on, we fail to see how much more we are capable of and meant to do. We never truly step into our potential.

In the constant hustle of the rat race, always thinking about what’s next, chasing after approval and praise, living in a state of survival, we fail to pause. When we fail to pause, we miss the subtle hints and clues that can answer our biggest questions: What is my purpose? Where will I find fulfillment? What does success look like for me?

In this flagship keynote, Tallia teacher her audience how to do the inner work of discovering who they are and defining success for themselves without the external identities to which they’ve ascribed. Using insights from the field of Positive Psychology, she delivers a new paradigm for the way we think about ourselves, success, and our quality of life.



Elevate Conference: Alice’s Table + Spanx

  • The pursuit of meaning starts with intentional self-discovery

  • In order to tap into your potential, you have to think beyond your roles and titles

  • The answers we seek lay in past experiences when we learn how to connect the dots

  • The most important relationship to nurture is your relationship to yourself

  • Actionable tips to apply principles of Positive Psychology to daily life and cultivate a strengths-based mindset

getting your worth

This workshop-style session tackles the mental blocks and limiting beliefs we as women have around money, focusing on tactical ways to cultivate an abundance-based mindset. Tallia gives her audience the tools to face their fears and assumptions, learn how to effectively communicate their value, and ask for what they deserve. Tying in insights from the field of Positive Psychology, she offers powerful strategies to negotiate an initial offer, ask for a raise, or price your services.


  • Money is a neutral object we assign value to

  • Women approach negotiation more relationally than men

  • We get messages about money from a very young age

  • It’s important to get specific about what you want and why

  • Actionable tips to approach negotiation strategically

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