Inner Work Circle

a year-long coaching experience for an intimate group of women who are ready to stop playing small and start showing up more fully in their work and life

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 Imagine this:

Waking up every day with the courage to speak up for what you want, set appropriate boundaries, and make empowered choices. With a strong sense of worth, you trade perfection for authenticity and have the tools to release what no longer serves you. You are no longer afraid of making people uncomfortable by taking up space, you nurture your relationship to yourself, and you’re clear and confident in the path ahead.


What stands in our way of this life is that fear keeps us sitting in comfort, playing small, and dimming our light for the sake of others. Before we know it, we lose touch with ourselves, failing to recognize our worth. We continue to put other’s needs before our own, and we wait for permission to take up space. Our minds run the show, our intuition takes a back seat, and we’re living out someone else’s story. We tell ourselves it’s easier to stay in our shrunken state because we’re afraid of making other people uncomfortable with our light.


That pretty much summed up my life until I sensed I wasn’t doing anyone a favor by playing small. In fact, dimming my light only resulted in a poor sense of boundaries, a voice too quiet, and a feeling of insignificance. Once I realized I had the power to choose how I showed up, something shifted. By slowing down, finding stillness, and asking myself some tough questions, I was able to identify what was holding me back and start showing up in a bigger way. It took getting to know myself all over again, while also finding a community of women who could reflect my light back to me.

Deep down, you also know there’s got to be another way to show up in your work and life. You’re done playing small and ready to make empowered choices. All you need is the time and space to slow down, find stillness, and do some deep inner work so you can reconnect to what’s true for you and reignite your light.

I’m here to tell you that if there’s ever a time to share your light with the world, it’s now.

I’m also here to tell you that when we decide to stop playing small, beautiful things happen. You finally ask for that raise, speak up in that meeting, apply for that program, take the day off, start that business, invest in yourself. You have that difficult conversation, send that one email you’ve been waiting to send, let go of old patterns, pitch your service, go to that dance class, ask for help, share your dream.

How do I know? Because over the past 10 years, I’ve witnessed beautiful transformations happen when women decide to get out of their own way. It requires a willingness to get real with yourself (and others), the shedding of a few layers, and a bit of discomfort, but it’s oh-so-worth it.


Here’s what women are saying:


Being part of this women’s circle has been such a unique experience; an opportunity to connect with other women on topics we all want to talk about, but don’t always find the space to. It’s a time to reflect, look inward, and do so in community. It allowed all of us to connect with ourselves and each other. Being a part of the group gave all of us permission to do the inner work and not feel alone.

– Kristianna George


My time with Tallia during our women’s circle has been such an enriching and immersive experience. Tallia creates an open environment where she warmly invites us all into a fluid flow of guided reflection, meditation and group discussion. I leave each time with more clarity, feeling uplifted by the lessons in the community of women she brings together. At its core, our circle provides the sense of connection and understanding that I’ve always been searching for.

– Laura Douglas


Spending intentional time with Tallia has swiftly shifted my perspective. I'm more self-aware, understanding, and patient. I'm kinder to myself and increasingly empathetic, which manifests in numerous ways. I've already walked out of our first few group sessions learning how to be more transparent with myself and those around me, particularly in the safe space she creates.

– Gabi Valladares


Our circle has become a very special and sacred part of my life. I've heard women talk about "small groups" in the past so wasn't sure what to expect or what shape the group would come to take in my life, but it's been amazing how much the group and the ritual of our time together has become something I look forward to immensely. The safe space that we hold for each other, the support and genuine care that I feel, and the amount of positivity that's present in our group has been a huge blessing that has made a tough year infinitely more bearable and even joy-filled. I only hope that I have been able to return the encouragement and love that I feel from these beautiful women. Thank you, Tallia, for the honor of being part of this amazing group - it has meant the world!

- Rosanna Beron


That’s why I created
the Inner Work Circle.

With 12 monthly group sessions and 2 getaway retreats, this year-long experience guides you through a remarkable process of self-discovery and inner work that will give you the tools to:

  1. Identify what’s holding you back

  2. Regain a sense of clarity and confidence

  3. Deepen your sense of self-worth and value

  4. Connect to your inner self and find your voice

  5. Set appropriate boundaries

  6. Make empowered choices no longer based in fear

  7. Apply the life-changing principles of positive psychology to your daily life

We aren’t meant to walk the path of inner work alone. When we come together as women to do this work, we elevate not only ourselves, but also each other.


The summer cohort is now FULL.

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