A life of significance starts with the courage to turn inward and dig deep.


The inner work circle

Join the inaugural group of 10 women this August for a year-long experience to support you on your journey inward. This program is for any woman who is ready to cultivate a deeper relationship to herself and prioritize personal and spiritual growth amongst a supportive community of women seeking fulfillment. This intimate group meets monthly for live virtual workshops and in-person for two immersive getaway retreats.

deep work intensive

Do you feel called by something greater but feel like you should be happy because, from the outside, you’ve got it all? Are you constantly questioning what’s next, unsure if anything you’re doing actually matters?

If you’re here, it’s because you’re ready to know your worth and take ownership over the direction of your life. You’re ready to find the fulfillment you’ve been seeking, and you’ve got a hunch that it’s time to stop playing small because deep down you know you’re meant for something so much greater.

This private coaching program supports the journey of cultivating a deeper relationship to yourself and finding fulfillment. If you’re ready to turn inward, dig deep, and live a life of significance, I’d be honored to guide you along your path of deep work as your coach.


When I found Tallia, I was listless, disengaged, and feeling desperately unfulfilled both professionally and personally. I deeply desired to change my life but had no idea where to start. I was skeptical on how much coaching could really help but felt like I had to give it a try because all of my other halfhearted efforts to seek fulfillment had fallen short. During the process of working with Tallia, I realized…”