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If you had met me during my last semester of college, you would have known me as a resident of DC, student at American University, president of Delta Gamma, and musical director of Treble in Paradise, among other things.

The day after I graduated, I was no longer any of those things. For the first time in my life, I had to think long and hard about who I was without the roles, titles, and identities I had taken on and defined myself so closely by.

Over the next few months, I dove deep into self-development and exploration, trying to find my place in a society outwardly driven by prestige, titles and external validation. I had to do the work to discover my own strengths, determine my self-worth, and define success on my own terms.

Along the way, I pursued my Master’s degree in Positive Organizational Psychology at Claremont Graduate University in California to build my expertise in the science of happiness, meaning, and fulfillment. Shortly thereafter, I teamed up with Kate Gremillion and started Mavenly + Co. to give women the tools and resources they need to work on their own terms.

After years of coaching and supporting women in their pursuit of fulfillment, I know one thing to be true: me, you, us, we play too small. We are meant for so much more than what we give ourselves permission to be, to do, and to say.

It’s time you gave yourself that permission.